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You Can Always Rely on Us for Quality Automatic Gates in Mandurah

If you are considering installing standard or automatic gates in Mandurah, we can provide everything you need. We have a range of different products that suit a wide range of requirements and will always collaborate with you. When you choose Bollinger Automation, you get nothing short of excellence.


Call our customer service team on (08) 6595 1234 for urgent technical support.


We can repair all automatic

 gates, whichever make, model

or brand you have



Our technicians are qualified electricians experienced in servicing automatic


Benefits of Coming to Us When You Need New Gates in Mandurah

When you choose our services for electric gates in Mandurah, you can always expect the following benefits from our team:

  • We have over 40 years of experience in the industry, helping clients with gates tailored to their residential or commercial needs. We can quickly help you choose the right options if you are unsure about what would best suit your property.

  • We have in-house metal fabricators and electricians, which makes our ability to provide to your needs a lot more flexible. We can easily accommodate custom requirements, whether small or large.

  • Our warehouse contains many different products which means we have faster turnaround times when you order products. If you want to know whether we have products in stock, all you will have to do is reach out to us and ask.

With more than 40 years of industry experience, in-house metal fabricators and electricians, and a warehouse to stock products in, you can see why we have a history of satisfied customers.

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Products We Can Provide Should You Need Gates in Mandurah

To help provide clarity with regards to what you can find here, we put together a short list of everyday items our customers usually come looking for when they want electric gates in Mandurah:

  • We can provide you with sliding gates if you need an electric gate that does not take up as much space as a swing gate. These gates slide on a single track to an open and close and are most commonly used for driveways. You can, however, use them for much more since they can cover wide entrances easily.

  • For those with a little more space, we can provide swing gates. These gates come as a one or two leaf option and swing open from a pillar when prompted. When you need a versatile option for residential, commercial, or industrial use, swing gates are ideal.

  • We have cantilever gates available as well, which work similarly to sliding gates but do not run on a track. These gates are perfect for when the ground the gate needs to cover is somewhat uneven.

About Our Team and Our Services for Electric Gates in Mandurah

For more than 40 years, Bollinger Automation has worked hard to provide customers with reliable pedestrian and vehicle access control. We have everything you need to help install gates in Mandurah to your requirements. Whether you need to customise your order, or you want a stock-standard option, you can count on us.

The next time you need a reliable team and high-quality gates, remember the name Bollinger Automation. We pride ourselves on providing consistent service and all the options you need. Call us today and tell us more about the specifics of your requirements so we can get to work.


Add Value To Your Life with Our Automatic Gates in Rockingham

Your property holds some of your most valuable assets. Our automatic gates in Rockingham can help keep these assets secure while adding value to your property as well as convenience to your everyday life. Bollinger Automation has extensive experience and can help you choose the perfect solution for automatic gates.

Tips to Consider When Installing Automated Gates in Rockingham

With so many aspects to consider, choosing the correct gate for your property can be challenging. The following tips may help when making your purchase decision.

  • Consider the space you have to work with before choosing the type of gate. A swinging gate takes up a lot more room than a sliding gate, as there needs to be adequate space for the gate to open without hitting the car, all while giving the car space to wait while this happens. If space is limited, a sliding gate would be a more suitable option as the space is more economically used. 

  • The most common materials used for gates in Rockingham are aluminium, wood and steel. Aluminium is a modern, durable and lightweight option that requires little maintenance. A wooden gate can be stained various colours if you are opting for a customised look, however, requires occasional maintenance to keep it looking and performing optimally. Steel or wrought iron gates have a reputation for elegance and strength. This material can withstand the harsh elements of the Australian climate and is perfect for customisation. 

  • In the case of a power cut, always ensure that you can open the gate manually so ensure access at all times. This process should be quick and straightforward to avoid any disruption to your day. If the thought of having to switch your gate over to manual deters you, there is a backup battery pack available to keep your gate automated for a set period.

Benefits of Using Bollinger Automation to Install Gates in Rockingham

We aim to make a memorable impression on all projects and distinguish ourselves as the market leader.

  • We are a family-owned business offering trustworthy and reliable products and service. Our company has been in the industry for 40 years, and we have used this time to learn the best industry procedures to ensure we offer you the best outcomes on all projects. 

  • Our warehouse enables us to store a large quantity of stock, resulting in quicker turnaround times. It also allows for strict quality control procedures when goods are leaving, ensuring satisfied customers every time.

  • Our in-house metal fabricators and electricians allow for a flexible and simple supply chain, making tailored solutions easier and cost-effective.

Signs You Should Invest In Electric Gates in Rockingham

As a homeowner, electric gates provide you increased security and convenience. An electric gate will also add financial and aesthetic value to your property. Gate automation in a commercial space can deter criminals from entering, and also keep a record of staff entering or exiting the premises.

Our quality workmanship and skills allow us to assist with custom made automatic gate solutions to provide you with the perfect solution for your home or business. For more information on how we can secure your premises, contact us.

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