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We Install Residential Automatic Gates in Perth. Homeowners prioritise security for their properties because of the value it holds and the various possessions it contains.

One of the ways to ensure you keep would-be criminals away from your property is through the installation of residential automatic gates in Perth. Your gates are the entry point to your home so you must enforce it with reliable, high-quality residential gates. Bollinger Automation offers various services such as commercial, industrial and residential gates in Perth, bollards, boom gates, access control and traffic systems.


With the constant development in technology, there are always new features you can add to your property to enhance its visual appeal and security. Installing automatic gates is the preferred choice for the majority of owners as it’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Besides, there are several benefits to an automatic driveway gate.

  • The primary benefit of installing residential automatic gates is the security it provides for you and your family. It restricts vehicle and pedestrian access to your property without your permission, keeping your belongings safe. Furthermore, you can open the gate from the safety of your car when entering or leaving at odd hours. In terms of animals and children, an automatic gate is perfect for preventing them from running onto the road to chase a ball or an object of interest. Additionally, the gate keeps both criminals and other animals away from your property.
  • When you’re a homeowner, you want to feel comfortable and safe within the boundaries of your property. An automatic gate assists to enhance your privacy and provide you with complete control over access to your yard. As a result, random cars and people can’t enter your property, increasing your privacy.
  • Residential automatic gates are available in various designs and styles to suit your requirements. You dictate what components you want on your gates, such as lighting or masonry, to add visual appeal. As a result, the value of your property increases due to the additional security and style.


The driveway gate is the first element people come across when entering your property. Even though its primary purpose is to keep strangers away from your home, it adds aesthetic value. Once you’ve decided on a residential gate installation, it’s up to you to direct your contractor about the minute details. Following these tips should give you a better understanding of the type of gate you want for your property.

  • Driveway gates are typically constructed from various types of materials. Aluminium is a modern choice and is durable, cost-effective, rust-proof, and doesn’t require much maintenance. Steel is solid and more durable than aluminium which makes it harder to break through. However, it is susceptible to rust. Wrought iron offers the ability to design modern and traditional gates and can be custom-made.
  • You must consider how you want the gate to open. There are two main types – sliding and swinging. Both have numerous benefits which you should understand to make the final decision. Sliding gates open horizontally and use space economically. It’s perfect for inclined driveways or properties where there isn’t ample space. Swinging gates operate by either opening inward or outward. It’s ideal for properties where there isn’t width at the side for the gate to retract and on flat surfaces.
  • Once you’ve decided on a particular type and style of gate, the next factor to consider is how you’re going to access the gate. Ultimately, it should suit your security requirements. Leaving the gate to be manually operated is cost-effective. Still, it won’t offer much in terms of security as any stranger can access your property by simply opening the gate. A remote control provides a degree of protection as only someone in possession of a remote can open and close the gate. If you want to take security to another level, consider installing a pin pad and an intercom to control entry and exit of vehicles and pedestrians


We’ve been in this industry for over 40 years and continue to deliver exceptional results to more than 10,000 customers. we know that a quick solution is often required when your security is compromised. That is why we always strive to ensure that you get a quick turnaround time for your gate repair or installation. We have in-house metal fabricators and electricians that allow us to customise work with greater agility. Whether you’re searching for residential pedestrian gates or access control, we are the go-to people. We always use high-quality products, most of which we import from Europe and are the official ambassadors for Elka. You can contact us for all types of gate installations and repairs as well as spare parts and accessories. Furthermore, we are aware that emergencies occur at any time, which is why our team is on-hand at any time of the day throughout the week.


A residential sliding gate is an excellent addition to any property. However, since it’s automated, there is a possibility of the system breaking down. As with any other electrical component, you will require a residential gate repair to ensure your gates are fully operational. If you hear strange noises or find that the gate won’t open and close, it’s a sign that you need a professional to conduct repairs. However, you can do your bit to prevent significant damage and extend the longevity of your automatic gates.

  • The easiest way of saving money on costly gate repairs is not requiring repairs at all. You can do this by conducting preventative maintenance regularly. You should keep the gate itself clean, especially if it’s made from iron. The material corrodes quickly and it’s for this reason that you must wipe down excess moisture. Additionally, sweep away any dirt near the electrical components to prevent it from causing damage. Hiring a professional company to follow a maintenance schedule is a great idea to maintain the condition of your gate.
  • You may attempt gate maintenance as a DIY project but always hire a licensed gate repair professional to handle the serious problems. Reliable contractors like us have the experience and knowledge to diagnose the problems correctly and then offer an appropriate solution. When you recruit a qualified contractor, you save yourself the stress and money for other damages for which you could be responsible.
  • When you finally make the call to a gate repair authority, ensure you provide as much information about your gate as possible. You must share the elements such as the manufacturer and model of the gate or motor with the contractor. Consequently, they can source all the parts they require to solve the problem before arriving at your home. Try to describe the issues you’re experiencing with considerable detail to ensure the repair is smooth.

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