Automatic gates, boom gates & access control


Up your perimeter security and control site access

While bollards can provide many benefits, the two most important are safety and security. These heavy duty, sturdy posts are found all over the place due to their simple ability to protect people and infrastructure from wayward vehicles.

Here are a few reasons you might consider installing bollards:

  • Traffic Management

    Traffic Management

  • Restrict Access

    Restrict Access

  • Anti-ram


  • Protect Pedestrians

    Protect Pedestrians

  • Prevent Parking

    Prevent Parking

  • Perimeter Marking

    Perimeter Marking


​Bollards can be static (fixed or removable) and automated (collapsible). Bollinger installs both types, often in tandem, to prevent and control vehicle access.

Static Bollards

Static Bollards

Static bollards work pretty much as you can imagine. They’re a permanent (or removable) physical barrier between property and vehicles which is built heavy duty enough to withstand ram incidents or crashes, and leave property and pedestrians unharmed. They’re also a very strong visual deterrent for drivers.

Static Bollards

Automated Bollards

Automated bollards are the same concept, except they can be lowered to ground level when prompted by remote, PIN or keycard. This allows vehicle access to a site by authorised personnel only. Groundsmen, service people or food truck operators can all enter site as needed to perform their duties.

Most of Bollinger’s automated bollards can completely raise or lower in 3-5 seconds, which is not only a convenience for waiting personnel, but an important security measure too.

Bollinger has regularly installed static and automated bollards for commercial and industrial clients for over 40 years. We have a range of bollard options to cater to whatever safety and security considerations your business or site might have. And we’ll work with you to design and construct a system which meets your needs and expectations. Our emphasis is on quality. By choosing us, we believe you’re choosing to invest in a long-lasting product which continues to provide value to your home or business long after installation. Bollinger sources bollard components from trusted partners in Europe in order to produce a high-quality system you can depend on. We’re proud of and confident in the work we produce, as well as the customer service we provide. Should anything go wrong, call our regular phone number (08) 6317 0940 and speak to our helpful team.