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While every project Bollinger undertakes is fit according to individual specifications, we also provide a custom solutions design service for those which require an additional level of customisation.



Easily Add Automatic Gates in Perth to Your Property for Secure Access

When you decide to add automatic gates to your Perth property, it quickly becomes clear this is not a project suitable for the "DIY" ethos. From measuring the space to selecting and installing the appropriate hardware, many steps are much easier with a professional's input. Finding reliable motors that will need less maintenance and gates that slide quickly and smoothly may prove more challenging than you expect. With a trusted and experienced resource, however, automatic gate installation isn’t a difficult undertaking. At Bollinger Automation, we're proud to bring more than four decades of industry experience to the table. With a clear commitment to satisfaction for both residential and commercial consumers, we aim to make your choice a simple one. 

What is the Purpose of Using an Automatic Gate in Perth?

At first, this question might seem strange. Obviously, a gate is there to let you in and out of a property — but why opt for automated solutions? What good do they provide? A quick look reveals many advantages to choosing this hardware.

  • Protect your property and your assets from unwanted intruders. Fences keep unwanted visitors out, but not every solution makes it simple for you to still come home without encountering delays. Our gating solutions meet those needs. 

  • Create a better sense of privacy and security on your property. Your home is your castle, after all, and a strong automated gate can give you the sense that you're secure in your own private world. When only authorised people can access your property, you can enjoy greater peace of mind. 

  • Add value to your home for a potential future sale. Prospective buyers will see these improvements as a benefit.

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A Short Buyer's Guide to Automatic Gates

We provide multiple types of gates, each of which suits a particular application or usage case best. What should you keep in mind as you explore these options? Here's a quick look at the different kinds of gates we install for our clients: 

  • Basic sliding gates. The kind everyone knows — a simple motor pulls the gate out to the side and pushes it back afterwards.

  • Swing gates. Highly customisable and ideal for home use, swing gates can be as large or as small as you need them. 

  • Cantilever gates. A type of sliding gate with posts permanently affixed to the ground and no in-ground track, allowing for sliding gates on uneven terrain. 

  • Cable gates. Using an automatic tensioning system, these gates drop a steel cable down to allow vehicles to pass. They are primarily intended for commercial use, as there are few residential applications for cable gates.

What You Stand to Gain by Choosing Bollinger Automation

The convenience of an automated gate solution pays dividends immediately. Over the long term, a quality installation that operates for more extended periods between maintenance represents a better investment for your business or your personal property. At Bollinger Automation, we're excited for the opportunity to work alongside you, designing your installation from the ground up and supplying equipment from a variety of proven brands to suit your specific requirements. With additional access control solutions available, we can even be your "one-stop shop" for convenient entry options. To request a quote or find out more, please get in touch today

The Benefits of Automatic Gate Services from Bollinger Automation

Alongside installation, our team also provides maintenance and servicing assistance throughout the life of your gate. We're also happy to service existing installations that suffer frequent problems and malfunctions. When you choose our service for either installation or an automatic gate repair, you should anticipate: 

  • Dependable motors and durable gates. We source parts from European manufacturers of known quality to provide solutions that can stand up to the challenge of Australian operation. 

  • Attentive supply service and fast installations. We don't keep you waiting when you need automatic gate service. We're adept at handling quicker turnaround times. 

  • Long-term support with 24/7 availability for maintenance and repair. When you need assistance with your gate, friendly help is only a phone call away. 

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Signs You Should Invest in an Automatic Gate Install

Still not sure if this is the right investment for your needs? It may be helpful to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Do you see any of the following signs that say this hardware would be a wise choice?

  • You have concerns about the safety of your property. Achieve the confidence in your privacy and security by putting up a strong gate that only you can open. 

  • You'd like to limit access to your space without sacrificing convenience. Automated options that open when you approach or trigger a remote are easy to set up today. 

  • You have an existing gate that is not automated, and you would like to modernise your equipment to save time and reduce physical strain.

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