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Not only does bollinger supply full systems and components, our store stocks an extensive range of spare parts and accessories.

With a quick call, we’re happy to help you find the part you need to maintain and/or upgrade your installation.

  • Sliding Gate Motors Commercial

    • Bft Icaro Veloce

      Bft Icaro Veloce

      230V operator for sliding gates weighing up to 1,000kg with absolute encoder. Gate panel speed 25 m/min using an electromechanical limit switch. With mechanical safety clutch, manages torque using D-Track technology and oil bath gearbox. Control unit for communication with U-Link protocol and with a tamper-proof function.

      • Remotes are also sold separately for the whole BFT Range
    • Bft Oberon

      Bft Oberon

      A Powerful and sturdy operator with a three-phase 400V power inverter supply for the three-phase motor. Standard 230v onsite power supply is all that is required. Specifically designed for large and heavy gates up to 2,000kg at 39m/min (Adjustable).

    • SP3500


      For larger and more critical commercial sites, the SP3500 version will do gates up to 3,500kg at 10m/min. A 400v Three phase power supply would be required onsite. The heavy structure of the gear motor, the painted galvanised steel casing and the on-board control unit make it the ideal solution for all industrial situations where reliability and power are essential.

    • FAAC C851

      FAAC C851

      Ideal for High usage applications where fast operation is required, it is capable of continuous (100%) usage. For gates up to 1,800kg leaf weight, the C851 has an adjustable speed from 20 - 40m/min, with an integrated brake on a powerful 1.1kw geared motor.

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  • Sliding Gates Lite Industrial / Residential

    • Bft Ares Veloce Smart Range

      Bft Ares Veloce Smart Range

      Fast-action 24V operator for intensive use for sliding gates weighing up to 500kg and speed without load 25 m/min, or up to 1,000kg and speed without load 18 m/min. Operator fitted with electromechanical limit switch. Torque control thanks to D-Track technology. The control unit is set up for communication via the U-Link protocol. The ideal solution for situations which require fast operating speeds, reduced waiting times and high levels of security in a lite industrial or residential situation.

    • Centsys D5

      Centsys D5

      For lite residential use, the D5 is a great solution if mains power is not available. It can operate gates up to 500kg in weight from 18m/min to 22m/min. It runs off an inbuilt battery that will require changing from time to time as part of any good maintenance program. It is trickle charged from the power supply connected to your mains or solar setup.

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  • Boom Gates

    • Bft Maxima Ultra 36

      Bft Maxima Ultra 36

      The flagship of the BFT range, the Maxima 240V traffic barrier for very intensive use, with inverter technology built-in, and a heavy duty asynchronous three phase motor. Designed to operate across a wide range of usage conditions like in large car parks or motorway toll booths with very heavy traffic levels or industrial facilities. The maxima are ideal for any situation where 100% Duty cycle time may be required. Extras include RED/GREEN LED lights for the boom arm and can communicate via self-diagnostics if there is any issue by indicating the type of error.

    • Elka Barriers Of The Series Industrial

      Elka Barriers Of The Series Industrial

      series S are Mine Site Spec, German designed and built, with no skimping on materials or Hardware to make it cost effective. Designed to outlast and perform anything on the market and can be operated with folding skirts and LED lights. Perfect running performance, achieved by electronic speed control and optimized mechanics. An efficient drive concept and robust components ensure intensive operation with 100% duty cycle.

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  • Gsm Intercoms And Keypads

    • Solo Kp Lcd

      Solo Kp Lcd

      Ontico offer a variety of Stand alone 4G GSM operated intercoms and keypads so you can operate and give access remotely. The Solo units can accommodate up to 1,000 apartment or Villa phone numbers with a further 1,000 backup phone numbers for each apartment. The Web based software can be operated from anywhere in the world so handover is easy between strata companies etc if required. Bollinger is Australia’s Sole supplier of the Ontico range and can assist in service, replacement and hosting of the database of users if required. The Ontico range also has a range of options for 4G GSM control units that can be DIM rail installed inside control cabinets on gates, turnstiles or where ever remote access control is required. The GSW2 units are a powerful stand-alone unit with some healthy smarts.

      • Supports up to 1000 Caller ID phone numbers
      • Supports up to 1000 PIN codes (PIN, RFID cards, Key fobs)
      • Inputs, relay outputs and Wiegand input extension – with up to 4 EXIO4 modules
      • Temperature probe input (option) – RS485 Modbus protocol serial port
      • Wiegand input and output – Up to 20.000 event log entries
      • Ready for the IQRF radio transceiver communication – with EXIO4 and IQRF key fobs
      • DIN rail plastic enclosure or IP56 box with built in power supply on request
      • Local programming via USB port and EasySet PC configuration tool
      • Remote management with Easy Set Web, Android and iOS app
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  • Automatic Gate Accessories

    • Photocells


      Photocells, for vehicle and pedestrian safety. We stock a range of photocells for different applications, often a cable run to the other side of a driveway is cost prohibitive. A reflective photocell can be used so the beam is bounced back to the parent unit. Ideally a powered version would be used, we hold a commercial Anti-Vandal photocell as well as a more affordable residential version with a shock proof backing so the infrared beam does not go out of alignment. The cells are also self-centering to avoid disruption for minor variances.

      • Reflective Photocell
      • Anti-Vandal Photocell
      • Shock Proof Residential Photocells
    • Gate Wheels – Rolling Centre

      Gate Wheels – Rolling Centre

      There are many wheels on the market, but have they been tested 1.5 million cycles? We Stock Rolling Centre wheels as they are the best. We hold carriages in the 120mm and 90mm in both V Track and U Track configuration. We can also supply any other products in the Rolling Centre range.

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