Automatic gates, boom gates & access control

Boom Gates

Need a low-maintenance solution for access or traffic control?

Boom gates are a simple and effective way to manage vehicle traffic. A typical boom gate uses a single boom arm or barrier which is levered at one end and lifts when commanded to allow traffic to pass underneath. Multiple gates are often connected in a system for greater traffic flow or intersections.

In most installations, they are used in traffic systems to control the flow of traffic, to restrict entrance to a commercial building or site to authorised personnel only, or at parking facilities.


  • Car Parks And Garages

  • Shopping Centres

  • Venues And Arenas

  • Apartment And Strata Complexes

  • Mine Sites

  • Airports

  • Railway Crossings

  • Tollbooths

There are various methods of access control which command boom gates to open. They may be prompted as vehicle(s) approach using sensor technology (such as ANPR or RFID). Alternatively, they may require drivers to present an ID or keycard, enter a PIN or use a remote. These are customisable options and usually depend on security or expediency requirements.

Due to their simple operation, boom gates are a cost effective and reliable form of traffic and access control. They’re a low-maintenance product which is easy to install and requires little ongoing service. Bollinger has been installing automatic boom gates across Australia for over 40 years. We’re industry leaders when it comes to safe, secure and efficient gate automation for residential, commercial and industrial purposes.

Our emphasis is on quality. By choosing us, we believe you’re choosing to invest in a long-lasting product which continues to provide value to your home or business long after installation. Bollinger sources gate components from trusted partners in Europe in order to produce a high-quality system you can depend on. We’ll work with you to design and construct a boom gate system which meets your needs and expectations. Should you require repair or service work, call our regular phone number (08) 6317 0940 and speak to our helpful team.