Automatic gates, boom gates & access control

Access Control

How do you want to operate and manage your security?

When it comes to commanding your automated product, Bollinger is all about choice. Our aim is to give you convenience and efficiency, without compromising security. We also supply, install and service GSM intercom and access control systems, ideal for remote locations without WiFi, power or data connections.

Types Of Access Control

Check out the products below for our most common openers and control devices.

  • Key Card

    Key Card

    Our key cards are conveniently sized to fit in your wallet like a credit card. To operate your access system, simply hold the card against the reader.

  • Remote


    Like any other remote, Bollinger remotes are a portable control device which can be used within range to activate your system.

  • Keypad


    If you’d prefer not to worry about having an opener with you or would just like another option, you can create a Personal Identification Number to plug in to your system instead.

  • RFID


    Radio Frequency Identification operates like a remote, however it requires no manual prompts for activation. It’s read automatically on approach.

  • ANPR


    Automatic Number Plate Recognition is an access control system which uses advanced technology to read vehicle license plates and permit entry to those authorised.

  • Biometric


    One of our most secure control options is our biometric range. This includes fingerprint and BIOVEIN scanning technology. We recommend this for the highest security installations.

Access control can be much more than a keypad or swipe card, it can also provide data back to the end user to optimise workplaces or provide prompts for better decision making. Data models rendered from access control can provide personal movements, roll call and timesheet information, amount of time spent on a task, traffic through a particular area and much more. Ask us about how we can help develop a custom access control and data solution for your business.