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Swing Gates

About bollinger automation swing gates

Swing gates are a very customisable option. They can be one or two leaf, and can open inward or outward. Gates are hinged on pillars and swing open when prompted. Due to the broad range of options, they are a versatile product, well suited to residential, commercial or industrial purposes.

Advantages of swing gates

Using an automatic swing gate can offer several advantages for both residential and commercial properties. Here are three key reasons why opting for an automatic swing gate can be beneficial:

  • 1Easy Installation and Maintenance: Automatic swing gates are relatively easy to install and maintain. These gates operate on a simple mechanism of swinging open and close, which requires less complex infrastructure compared to other types of gates. The installation process is typically quicker and less disruptive, saving both time and money. Additionally, the maintenance requirements for automatic swing gates are minimal, with regular lubrication and occasional adjustments being sufficient to keep them in optimal working condition.

  • 2Versatility and Accessibility: Automatic swing gates are known for their versatility and accessibility. They can be customized to fit various property sizes and designs, making them suitable for both residential homes and commercial establishments. These gates are available in different materials, such as steel, wood, or aluminum, allowing for a seamless integration with the overall aesthetics of the property. Moreover, automatic swing gates offer ease of access for pedestrians and vehicles, providing convenience for residents, employees, and visitors.

  • 3Enhanced Security and Safety: An automatic swing gate provides an added layer of security and safety for your property. These gates can be equipped with advanced security features, such as access control systems, intercoms, or surveillance cameras, to regulate entry and monitor activities. The swinging motion of the gate also acts as a deterrent to unauthorized intruders, making it harder for them to gain access. Furthermore, automatic swing gates are designed to reverse or stop when they encounter an obstruction, ensuring the safety of individuals and vehicles.

In summary, the benefits of using an automatic swing gate include easy installation and maintenance, versatility and accessibility, as well as enhanced security and safety. These gates offer a practical and reliable solution for controlling access to your property while adding aesthetic appeal. Whether for residential or commercial use, an automatic swing gate can provide convenience, peace of mind, and a welcoming entrance to your premises.


Bollinger design, sell and install full automatic and electric gate solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Automatic gates can make a huge difference when it comes to securing your property for many reasons, such as:


    Deter burglars and unwanted solicitors


    Protect premises and assets from theft and vandalisation


    Permit authorised persons only to gain entry


    Provide a safe enclosure for Children and pets


    Feel ease with an Increased level of privacy


    Increase the value of your property and potentially save on insurance premiums

Paired with an Access Control option of your choice, such as a remote, key card or keypad, automatic gates make controlling pedestrian and vehicle access to your property simple and convenient. See below for more information on some of the common types of gates we install and repair.