Automatic gates, boom gates & access control

Automated Traffic Control

Bollinger has been developing intersection control for mining traffic control for the past 10 years.

Our traffic control systems consist of the following components and can be customised to meet any specifications.

  • Elka Barrier System

    Bollinger has been partnered with ELKA for over 10 years. ELKA is a manufacturer of high-quality barrier systems located in Northern Germany. Bollinger has a strong relationship with ELKA due to common beliefs regarding product development and quality control. ELKA’s high-quality barriers are a widely trusted product and continue to the gold standard in the industry. They’re made for the harshest environments; a necessary measure in hot, dry Australian mine sites. Bollinger fits ELKA barriers come with safety devices rated for mining environments

  • Bollinger Integrated Traffic Controller (Bitc)

    Developed over the past 10 years, Bollinger’s traffic controller provides reliable and seamless integration into ELKA barrier systems. Our software provides error monitoring while automating the intersection. It can be customised to provide different automation processes during operation and configured to optimise traffic flow onsite to save time and money. Like ELKA barriers, Bollinger’s controller has been built to operate reliably in the harshest environments and provide safe traffic flow for all site layouts and vehicles

  • Bollinger Off-grid Power Solution

    Often intersections are not in the most accessible areas and where power is not available. For this reason Bollinger integrates skid or fixed solar solutions to accomodate such conditions and provides power to any auxiliary components which may be required. Paired with the BITC, your service team can receive alerts and view the current status of the system at a nominated location. If desired you can allow Bollinger access to monitor this information via GSM or standard internet and we’ll be able to provide technical support.

  • Bollinger External Components

    While our traffic systems provide the brains of the operation, accessory equipment is often desirable for safest crossing; for example: LED street lights, custom signage, control panels and specialised control panels with error notification and mode control. Bollinger supplies all the above for a complete intersection package.

    Bollinger also supplies Main Roads Western Australia standard early warning signs fitted with solar power and radio control for a wide range of systems.