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Need a low-maintenance solution to access or traffic control?

Boom gates are a simple and effective way to manage vehicle traffic. A typical boom gate uses a single boom arm or barrier which is levered at one end and lifts when commanded to allow traffic to pass underneath. Multiple gates are often connected in a system for greater traffic flow or intersections.

In most installations, they are used in traffic systems to control the flow of traffic, to restrict entrance to a commercial building or site to authorised personnel only, or at parking facilities.

They are an ideal solution for:

  • Car parks and garages

  • Shopping centres

  • Venues and arenas

  • Apartment and strata complexes

  • Mine sites

  • Airports

  • Railway crossings

  • Tollbooths


There are various methods of access control which command boom gates to open. They may be prompted as vehicle(s) approach using sensor technology (such as ANPR or RFID). Alternatively, they may require drivers to present an ID or keycard, enter a PIN or use a remote. These are customisable options and usually depend on security or expediency requirements. 

Due to their simple operation, boom gates are a cost effective and reliable form of traffic and access control. They're a low-maintenance product which is easy to install and requires little ongoing service.

Bollinger has been installing automatic boom gates across Australia for over 40 years. We're industry leaders when it comes to safe, secure and efficient gate automation for residential, commercial and industrial purposes.

Our emphasis is on quality. By choosing us, we believe you're choosing to invest in a long-lasting product which continues to provide value to your home or business long after installation. Bollinger sources gate components from trusted partners in Europe in order to produce a high-quality system you can depend on. 


We'll work with you to design and construct a boom gate system which meets your needs and expectations. Should you require repair or service work, we're available 24/7 to provide assistance. Call our regular phone number, (08) 6595 1234, and speak to our helpful team.

In the event of a

power failure, boom gates can still be released via the 

manual override




Supply, Installation and Repairs of Boom Gates in Perth

Whether you are looking for residential gates or boom gates in Perth, we will find the right application for you. We can customise our extensive range of access solutions, and our spare parts are manufactured in Europe, resulting in high quality workmanship. Bollinger Automation caters for projects in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors and can offer the best advice for each unique project

Benefits of Installing A Boom Gate

Boom gates are more than just a cost-effective way to improve security and privacy, as we find out in the following benefits.

  • Boom gates can control the flow of traffic coming in and leaving your property. A boom gate allows for a car park to allow a certain number of vehicles in, preventing further entry. This control is particularly useful for areas that attract many vehicles at a particular time, such as a hospital or a shopping mall car park.

  • A boom gate is an efficient use of space as they only need a small amount of vertical space to swing upwards. This allows for boom gates installation almost anywhere.

  • A boom gate can save your company money, as you can eliminate the monthly payment of a security guard by paying the initial one-off fee to have your boom installed. 

Metal Garage Doors

Related Services We Provide To Boom gate Installation

We understand the convenience of having all your needs fulfilled in one convenient place, so we offer a holistic range of services to ensure an enjoyable and convenient experience for you. 

  • Our top-quality range of bollards assists in traffic management such as diversions, as well as traffic calming to warn of fixed obstacles in the road. They provide security for buildings and infrastructure that are high risk from a vehicle impact such as banks and hospitals. They also assist in pedestrian safety in high traffic areas.

  • We offer complimentary components to traffic management systems such as LED street lights, custom signage, and control panels such as intersection packages.

  • We supply, install and repair of automatic gates and access control that heighten security while assisting with data on movements in and out of the building. 

About Bollinger

Having been operational for 40 years, we have come to know industry standards and what is expected from us. We are a family-owned and Australian owned business which ensures trustworthy and efficient service. We offer exceptional advice on supply and installation as well as boom gate repair. Our own warehousing facilities enable us to offer short lead times as well as cost savings which we pass onto you, allowing us to offer premium products without compromising on quality. 

Our in-house fabricators and electricians make custom projects a breeze, and we are excited to bring your concept to life with our proficiency and experience. We are on call 24/7 to assist you with anything you may need, to enhance our value added service. Trusted by more than 10000 customers, what do you have to lose? Contact us today for advice on electric sliding gates, swinging gates and access control solutions.

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