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Commercial automatic gates offer security, safety, privacy and smooth traffic flow for residents and employees.

Bollinger Automation has been servicing the commercial market for over 40 years. We specify, design, fabricate, install and service simple and complex access solutions using parts you can rely on. We understand that high quality, reliable gates are a must when it comes to high use applications, and that's our bread and butter. Manufacturing and maintaining quality access automation systems is the cornerstone of our business. 





But that doesn't mean we're set in our ways. We're continuously looking for the latest technology to give our clients a system above the rest. More than ever, we're using cutting-edge integrations, such as GSM, IoT and access control software, in our installations.

Bollinger installs, services and repairs all types of commercial gates; no matter the brand, make or model. All our technicians are qualified electricians experienced in gate installations and repair to ensure every job is completed to a high standard.

Due to their intensive use, we do recommend periodic preventative maintenance on commercial gates. This can prevent breakdowns occurring when it's most inconvenient. Bollinger has a range of preventative maintenance plans to suit your budget and equipment.


We have a 24/7 service line, so we're available all hours of the day or night to help you get back up and running as soon as possible. Just call our regular number, (08) 6595 1234, for assistance.








Secure Your Property with Commercial Automatic Gates in Perth

For many businesses, the installation of commercial automatic gates in Perth isn't a luxury, but a simple necessity. There are often occasions when you must restrict access to the property to only authorised employees, residents, or other personnel. At other times, you must gate the property 24/7 for the sake of safety and security. Without an automated solution, entering the site becomes a tedious affair that requires the presence of an additional employee or for self-operated manual processes. Neither of these is ideal for a 21st-century application.

At Bollinger Automation, we're proud to provide a better solution for those who require commercial electric sliding gates and other related installations. From assessing your needs to providing installation and long-term support, we've built our business to offer a complete end-to-end service for our clients. Why put so much effort into choosing a provider? What can you expect from us?

The Importance of Commercial Automatic Gates

Although automated gates prove useful for many homeowners who want to secure their properties, commercial solutions are more important due to the wide range of applications they provide. Knowing this, we supply many brands to suit differing needs. Why does your investment matter?

  • The presence of gates is a deterrent to thieves and would-be burglars on its own. Correctly sized and secured, your gate poses an obstacle that makes it much more challenging to break into the property successfully. The time delay posed by the gate makes your property less of a target.

  • You may be able to save some money on insurance premiums by installing additional security features on your property, such as a commercial sliding gate. Ensuring the safety of your property reduces the risk carried by the insurance company, making your cover less expensive. 

  • It is easy to set up gates only to admit authorised personnel and not others so that you can maintain the appropriate levels of security around your facility. Hand out the devices to unlock the gate only to those who need them.

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Fast Facts About Our Commercial Gates

Understanding the importance of your choice is one thing, but what should you know about the gates themselves? While you can leave many of the most challenging decisions to our team, it is a good idea to know what options you have available. Here are some helpful fast facts:

  • We provide four different types of commercial gates in Perth, enabling our commercial clients to make a selection that aligns entirely with their ideal solution. Whether it's a basic sliding gate or a well-mounted cantilever gate for destinations off the beaten path, we can supply what you need.

  • We're happy to design and install solutions not only for very large vehicles but for pedestrians, too. Gate off specific outdoor areas of your property and assign a particular keycode to each employee or use another access control solution. It's a simple way to add security.

  • We source European gate components for assured quality and reliability. When a gate breaks down, and it becomes a challenge to enter the premises, the delay in waiting for a repair can cause many problems. We ensure that outcome is less likely.

What Sets Bollinger Automation Apart Regarding Commercial Gate Automation?

Automated hardware requires multiple components to work successfully, including the gate itself, the motor, and an access control solution to tie it all together. Why work with our team when you need to select these many different components? Here's how we stand apart for our clients:

  • We have a team that comprises decades of experience in the industry. With over 40 years of cumulative knowledge, we know which solutions work best in every application.

  • We provide a complete service to deliver peace of mind for our clients. While you focus on running your commercial operation, we'll visit the site, take the appropriate measurements, and communicate a transparent quote to you for approval. When you're ready, we'll quickly install your new commercial electric sliding gates and demonstrate their use. 

  • Our team provides 24-hour availability. When something does go wrong, we know you can't wait days for a service technician to come by and solve the problem. When you need assistance fixing a broken gate, you can reach our team any time, any day of the week. 

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Problems with Commercial Electric Gates We Can Address

Have you had frustrating experiences with gates in the past? From malfunctions that require manual operation of the gate to slow entry and exit procedures, these problems can leave you with a headache. Our team aims to address many of these common concerns, such as:

  • Excessive amounts of noise or slow operation. A gate that takes "forever" to open isn't helping anyone save time, and noisy doors can be disruptive late at night.

  • Sliding doors that become jammed or stuck during opening or closing and may not always become unstuck. This may be a result of an improperly installed track, a motor that isn't powerful enough, or uneven terrain. We'll find the right way to address the core issues. 

  • Unwieldy access solutions. If those arriving to use the gate find that it is annoying or difficult to trigger the automatic method, they may try to use manual mode to move the gate more quickly — creating just as many problems as it attempted to solve. We ensure your hardware fits the bill.

Other Services We Provide Alongside Commercial Automatic Gates

At Bollinger Automation, gates are a large part of our business, but it is not the only part. We're capable of delivering many fully-featured solutions for our commercial clients to suit the complex needs of the modern business. Some of the other services we provide include:

  • Access control for gates. From basic keypads to advanced RFID key fobs that automatically trigger the gate, we supply access options that suit every use case.

  • Commercial gate repair. When things break down, our 24/7 service is the best resource to turn to for assistance. 

  • Boom gates and traffic control solutions. For government applications and in high-volume areas of traffic, we can provide solutions to manage the flow of vehicles through the property. 

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About Bollinger Automation

With a 40 year history in the region, Bollinger Automation is a well-known resource for commercial gate installation and repair. Now under new management, we look forward to carrying ahead the best parts of the Bollinger legacy while continuing to deliver best-in-class customer service, reliability, and transparency. Don't settle for commercial solutions that can't handle your site's vehicle volume, or which require excessive maintenance expenditures over their lifetime. Contact the Bollinger Automation team today and let us know all about your requirements.

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